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Saint Louis • Central Illinois
Saint Louis • Central Illinois

"Musicians know Steinway is the world’s finest piano. I purchased my Steinway from Steinway Piano Gallery, and found their service and courtesy matched the instrument’s impeccable reputation."

David Halen

Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra


"Without question the Baldwin, Boston, and Steinway instruments that you made available to us were indispensable in making rehearsals and performances artistically gratifying. Our music staff was especially pleased with the Boston upright piano used in the orchestra pit for rehearsals and performances…It was the finest such instrument that we have ever had in the pit. Should any of your clients desire it, I would be delighted to give my highest recommendation for your organization and for the Baldwin, Boston, and Steinway pianos that you offer."

Paul B. Kilmer
Director of Artistic Administration, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis


"On behalf of the faculty of Washington University, I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the Steinway grand pianos we purchased in 2007 for the University’s new 560 Music Center. I also want to thank you for the excellent tuning and technician services you are providing; we feel that our instruments are being well cared for. I appreciate your cooperative spirit and look forward to continued association as the Music Department proceeds with its plan to provide fine pianos for teaching, rehearsing, and performing."

Dolores Pesce
Professor and Chair, Washington University in St. Louis Department of Music


"I recently acquired a new Steinway grand piano in my office at Washington University. I was overjoyed at the prospect of getting a new piano, and when I found out it would be a Steinway, I was even more thrilled. When the piano was first delivered to my office I was struck by the sheer beauty of the instrument. The tuning was impeccable and the tone was warm. What struck me the most however was the difference it made to my teaching. In the past, I had been limited by the (previous) instrument. My students weren’t able to adequately respond to my ideas on dynamics and shaping as the piano was too hard to control. Once I began teaching this year on my new Steinway, I discovered talents that I hadn’t been able to see in the past. It has opened up a new world for my students in terms of color, tone, and touch. We are able to work on the smallest details of shading and hear the gradations of sound that are possible with a good piano. I am so grateful for the experience to work with Steinway and to have this wonderful instrument in my office."

Amanda Kirkpatrick ARCT, BM, MM
Teacher of Applied Music, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Music


"Audiences and critics agree, MY FAIR LADY was a huge hit at The Rep! …your pianos were a vital part of its success. The Steinway magic clearly added grace and elegance to our production. Many of our patrons commented on the two-piano version of the show, and specifically the two astonishing Steinway Pianos. Beyond that, you and your staff were so accommodating…working with everyone was a great pleasure. We cannot thank you enough."

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis


"The Department of Music purchased a Steinway 7 foot grand last summer from the Steinway Piano Gallery for use in our Music Building Recital Hall. This instrument has been now used in more than fifty performances, ten audition days, numerous master classes, as well as countless choral and instrumental rehearsals. It has greatly improved the quality of our department. It has made an obvious improvements in everyone’s attitude! Our students, faculty, and guest artists have remarked very highly on the instrument. The Music Department formerly had an agreement with a different piano company. In comparison, the Steinway and Baldwin workmanship is far superior, the quality of tone is much more resonant, brilliant and consistent, the ease of playing the instruments is much more even from note to note on the keyboards, and the tuning holds for much longer periods. Quite frankly, the instruments are much more enjoyable for the performer, the teacher, the student, or the listener! We have received superior service from …the Steinway Piano Gallery…and (the) excellent staff in every aspect of our agreement. We look forward to continuing our relationship…for many years to come. I personally recommend them most highly."

Michael Parkinson, DMA
Former Chair, Department of Music, Webster University in St. Louis


It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff during my recent workshop at the Steinway Gallery. Having toured a great deal over the past many years, I have had the opportunity to play lots of music store, church halls, theaters and the like. Your facilities in Maryland Heights are amongst the finest I've ever seen, and you are truly providing an exquisite setting for both performer and audience.

I want you to know how thrilled I was with the Boston piano you provided. Being a true Yamaha fan, I am always apprehensive when I sit at an instrument that I have little or no experience with. The Boston grand was exquisite both in tone and touch, and I cannot remember when I last enjoyed playing any piano as much as that one. You have spoiled me, or at least ruined my love affair with the C-7 I currently have in my living room!

Thank you again for the" Boston Experience". I can only hope that many of my future dates will include a Boston Piano.

With very best wishes,

Dan Coates
World renowned composer of "Dan Coates Piano Methods"


"It is an incredible joy to play this wonderful instrument. Steinway could not be better represented than by the Steinway Piano Gallery."

Maestro Hans Vonk
Former Music Director, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

I would just like to tell you how pleased we have been with the new Boston GP178 recently purchased for our classroom building. The Piano plays beautifully, has a responsive touch and an excellent tonal range. I have heard a number of positive comments about it since my inaugural mini recital, even from some of my hard to satisfy colleagues!

Thank you, too for your courteous and thoughtful service. It's so important for us to deal with someone like yourself who really understands pianos and what our artistic needs are.

I look forward with pleasure to our future business relationship.

Very sincerely yours

Seth A. Carlin
Head of the Piano Program at Washington University

"We are thrilled with the depth of sound we hear at first playing. I am confident that it will be the first choice of many of our future soloists and accompanists. We are proud to be able to offer them an instrument of such stellar quality."

Terrence Jones
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

Thank you so much for the fine service you have provided in delivering our six new Boston pianos to the North County branch of the Symphony School in such a timely manner.

The Bostons are truly exemplary instruments and have met with nothing but praise and rave reviews from both our faculty and the faculty and students at the University if Missouri - St. Louis. The even sound from top to bottom and the responsive touch are among many of the compliments received. Because the action and response are so similar to the Steinway Pianos, students are able to move from teaching to concert pianos with very little adjustment in technical approach - and, these characteristics are all at a price that fits well with our budget.

Thanks again, David, for all of your assistance and thanks also to Franz for the work he did to facilitate the delivery. I hope we are able to continue to add more and more Boston's to our piano inventory.


Sheila Ryerse
Former Director, Saint Louis Symphony Community Music School

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was shopping for my new Steinway at your store, and how thrilled I am with the beautiful instrument I now own. You were extremely helpful and gracious through my several visits to play various instruments, and you answered my questions thoroughly without pressuring me to buy.

I also appreciate how you helped work with my brother, Jim Andrews, as well as your prompt delivery of the piano. We've had excellent service from both Vernon StufLeben and Craig Waldrop in our home, and I look forward to many years of working with them to maintain this gorgeous instrument.

I cannot express the pleasure I experience every day from owning and playing an incredible piano. I could not be more pleased with the instrument your company makes, and the service you provide. Needless to say, I will send you any friend or colleague who is serious about owning an excellent piano. I might add that it was very helpful to me to hear nothing but raves from Amy Kaiser, David & Miran Halen and Henry Palkes about how you worked with them in the recent past.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours

Gail Hintz
Proud Steinway Owner

Van asked me to send you this picture of himself and his mother and her handwritten endorsement of the Steinway Piano. He thought you might enjoy it.

Van has raved about the marvelous weekend he spent with you and your lovely wife and the wonderful people in St. Louis. He was so impressed with the things you are doing for the young people there. He has talked so much about how charming you were and how welcome you made him feel.

Best Regards.


Anne Hilton
Personal Assistant to pianist Van Cliburn

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for sponsoring the technical seminar with John Patton. The program proved to be interesting, informative and educational.

The fact that you would provide this type of presentation to the technical field underlines your commitment to the highest level of customer service for musicians throughout the area. It would follow that the technicians who support your staff have the same commitment. I am extremely pleased to be counted in that group of individuals and am proud of my relationship with the Steinway Piano Gallery.

Your reputation in the community speaks of integrity and dedication in providing the finest musical instruments available on the market, and I will continue to strive to support this reputation by providing quality technical care and service in this same tradition. Thank you for the continuing opportunity to improve my technical skills and serve the musical community through my affiliation with the Steinway Piano Gallery.

Most sincerely,

Gregory G. Winchell
Piano Technician

It was my pleasure to be one of the two Suzuki Piano Master Class teachers at the St. Louis Suzuki Piano Teachers Association camp, July 29-August 2 held at Concordia Seminary. It was even more my pleasure to have the joy of teaching on the two Boston pianos that the Steinway Piano Gallery provided for the workshop. I have taught at many Suzuki weekend workshops and summer institutes in other states, but have never I had such beautiful instruments to work with.

One of the primary tenets of the Suzuki method is creating a beautiful tone. Obviously this is difficult to do on inadequate instruments. The Boston's gave me a chance to demonstrate a wonderful sound and to challenge the students to do the same. It was a delight! Also, I was personally preparing for some upcoming performing auditions and it was so nice to get to practice on these instruments.

In my church job as music director and organist at first Christian Church in Jefferson City, I have occasion to receive information on various instruments and publications. I have frequently come across cards and brochures on the Boston. If our church does purchase a new Piano in the future I will highly recommend that they explore the Boston as an option. I will also recommend the instrument to those of my students who cannot afford the expense of a Steinway.

Thank you for so willingly allowing the Suzuki piano teachers and students from St. Louis, Iowa and Illinois to have a quality musical experience with these instruments.

Dr. Karen Bartman
Karen Bartman Studio

Last October, I purchased a used Steinway from you at CASA. Built in 1907, it was one of the few things in life I enjoyed which was older than I was.
The piano needed work and you did make good on that promise.

I am writing to inform you that the young fellow you sent out to do his work, Karl Starbuck, is an extraordinary technician as well as individual. He has been to my home twice to work on my piano and each time, it sounds like a new piano after he leaves. I regard him as a phenomenal technician and am happy that he shall continue to work with me on maintaining this instrument.
I just wanted to be certain that you knew what an outstanding individual Karl is and the tremendous difference he has made with this old piano.

Yours very Truly,

Paul Cassimates Ph D
Steinway Rebuilding Customer

Thank you so much for providing the beautiful Steinway piano for my recital last Friday evening at the YMCA of West County. It was Superb!

Let me also take this opportunity to express my gratitude for a piano dealer in St. Louis - Steinway Piano Gallery - that cares about people and quality. I have been around a while, and I have seen the, dare I say it, the good, the bad, and the ugly! You definitely fall in the first category.

It is also a pleasure to know and work with such a conscientious and hardworking component tuner/ technician as Tom Zasadny. He is truly the best I have ever seen! And no, he didn't put me up to this! I am glad he is affiliated with the company.

And, of course, Christine has been a great help on many occasions too. She is a pleasant addition to your staff.

Thanks also for the use of the recital room for my rehearsals. It helped me immensely!

Finally, thank you for working with the 'Y' to provide the best possible instrument for their recital series. As I think I mentioned, their next step recital is on Saturday 24: a voice recital with Soprano Karen Hendrikson, a recent winner of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions here is St. Louis. And I have already asked them to secure a Steinway for this event as well.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. May you also have a Blessed Holiday Season and a Very Happy prosperous New Year!

Mark Laverty
Professional Pianist

It is the general consensus among senior technicians and musicians in the St. Louis area that we have in our community a top-flight piano dealership, the best in a long and venerable line of Steinway dealers. The Steinway Piano Gallery, Messers, David Slan, Gerry Malzone, Franz Kohler, Steinway technician Tom Zasadny, and all personnel have presented the Steinway piano to the St. Louis community in a most exemplary fashion.

Because of their professional interest, excellent and extensive selection of stock from the New York factory, realization that each Steinway is unique, and likewise each Steinway customer, and their great patience and interest in the client, I was able to select the new model B I have always been looking for, the perfect piano for me. It bears the Steinway signature: a bass rich in harmonics, and supportive of the entire instrument; warmth of tone coupled with clarion-like clarity; a beautiful tenor and singing treble; evenness and balance throughout all registers; and concert hall like projection of orchestral tone color. Needless to say, I am thrilled at having found that remarkable instrument right here in St. Louis. Steinway Piano Gallery's reputation for quality in the industry is richly deserved.

Likewise let me say that their expert handling of my trade in, an African Mahogany model A II beautifully and authentically restored by Mr. William T. Singleton and Mr. Edwin G. Summers (former technician for twenty-two years) was greatly appreciated.

The servicing of my new Steinway B serial No. 533342 by Mr. Ton Zasadny has been superior in every way. It has been a pleasure to work with him on the regulation, tuning, and voicing of the new installment as well as of my model B 457026, and my model K 136135.

I remember meeting and having a delightful dinner here with Henry Steinway when he was in St. Louis, and my conversations with Franz Mohr, who signed the plate of my former model A II (as did Van Cliburn and Leonard Slatkin). It would be so nice to have a medallion signed by Henry to be placed in the outer rim of my new B. perhaps that could be arranged?

Sincerely yours ,

Frank Schindler
Nationally acclaimed piano instructor and performer

I wanted to write and thank you and everyone at Boston Piano Company for the help and advice given to us. Our recent purchase of a Boston GP-193 was made after extensive research and comparisons. We have found the Boston pianos to be the most consistent in sound and touch of any brands, which we encountered. The wider case and larger soundboard provides power and resonance equal to that of larger instruments, while the quality action allows for exceptional dynamic range and subtlety. After playing it in our home for two months, we are confident that we have made the right choice. It is truly a superb instrument, and we recommend it highly to other teachers and students in the area (and invite them to come play it any time!)


Dwight D. Gatwood, Ph.D.
Professor of Music - The University of Tennessee, Martin

I wanted to let you know of our initial impressions of the four new Boston GP 178 five-foot ten-inch grand pianos that were installed in our ensemble classrooms last summer. Throughout the summer the pianos received a moderate amount practice by piano majors as well as staff accompanists. This fall the pianos are supporting classes in theory, music history, and extensive chamber music coachings and rehearsals. At this time, all of the Boston instruments seem to be very well constructed and completely free of any defects or flaws in workmanship. The tuning stability is excellent and the tone quality has brought many compliments from members of our string and piano faculties. While the tone quality, in my opinion, is not equal to the Steinway instruments found in our performance studios, it does seem to be superior to other mid-price pianos that I have evaluated in the same environments.

As the pianos receive more usage, I will keep you informed on their continued performance and durability; however, at this time I am highly pleased with all four instruments as well as the dealer preparation ND insulation.


C. Dean Shank
Artist Teacher of Secondary Piano and Piano Technology at Rice University, The Shepherd School of Music

"It's great- exceeds my expectations."

Dr. and Mrs. William Peck
St. Louis, MO (Steinway B)

"It's a dream come true."

Emma and Chris Geronsin
Fenton, MO (Steinway B)

I think of my Steinway as a person. My two daughters say that I care more about the Steinway than them. My Steinway is played up to 3 times a day. Steinway made my house come alive with music and beauty. My piano teacher and I talk about Steinway alot. I told her the other day that if all children began or took lessons at some point in their lifetime on a Steinway that we would have more students going into the music fields. I know I would have majored in music instead of Sociology, if I would have played on a Steinway instead of an Everett upright as a small child.
My husband and I have owned pianos for 25 years and Steinway is the best piano!!

Nicholas and Francine Pappageorge
St. Louis, MO (Steinway L) 


I wish I had considered buying the piano earlier - Thank you for helping me buy an instrument I can be proud of.

Connie Rhea
St. James, MO (Boston)

It is the pride of our home!

Eugenio and Carol Herbosa
St. Louis, MO (Steinway M)


I really feel I made the right choice thanks to the wonderful salesmanship at the Steinway Gallery. It’s made by Steinway and is of wonderful quality and will last a long time and I can trade it in for a Steinway. Once I sat down and played that Boston I knew that it was the one for me! I absolutely love it. I have never been so happy with a piano!


Carla Jo Younger

Piano Teacher Chesterfield, MO (Boston)



Our Steinway sounds outstanding. The keys play like satin. The sound is excellent. We thoroughly enjoy our beautiful addition to our home.


Dr. and Mrs. Jon Wilson

Overland, MO (Steinway B)



It is a beautiful piano with an outstanding tone quality and we are truly delighted with our piano.


Dana Clifton-Clark

Fenton, MO (Essex)



I was impressed with the tonal quality of the Boston piano when compared with the Yamaha


St. Paul Roman Catholic Church

Fenton, MO (Boston)



Not only is it the beautiful focal point of our living room, but it provides us with lovely music throughout our house!


Sue and Scott Melanby

St. Louis, MO (Essex)



My 6 yr. old has taken piano lessons for a few months. We can tell the difference of playing on the Steinway at his Teacher's home. Just recently my son was invited to play on our neighbors new upright. Later my son told me how different it felt and how much he loves ours. I could really hear the difference now that I listened to ours for 2 months. We are completely satisfied with our purchase.


Barbara Markun

Ballwin, MO (Boston)



I have just started taking piano lessons at 53 yrs. old, and I love the touch and tone of this piano. Although I chose it for other reasons, now that I am playing it, I would recommend it to friends for the great quality of its touch and tone.


Doris Massenburg-Pearson

Swansea, IL (Baldwin)



It's beautiful and sounds wonderful! We are very pleased with our piano, it enhances our home.


Brian and Susan Rubin

St. Louis, MO (Essex)



It's great. The tone is outstanding. I play it almost every day.


Diane Klueppel

Mehlville, MO (Baldwin)



It is wonderful. This is my first piano, and in my first 6 months of piano lessons, I can tell the difference in touch between my Baldwin and my instructor's Yamaha. The Baldwin has a much better touch and sound. We made an excellent choice.


Julie and Paul Morrison

Clayton, MO (Baldwin)


The joy of my life!


Rosemarie Restelli

St. Louis, MO (Baldwin)



I am thoroughly enjoying it and wonder why I waited so long to make this purchase...I also need to commend your company for your follow up and responsiveness following my purchase. Excellent!


Brian Clore

St. Louis, MO (Baldwin)


Beautifully responsive, clear ringing tone, looks lovely, and is a joy to own.


Charles Grumbach

St. Louis, MO (Baldwin)



We think it is beautiful in appearance and sound. Our girls are playing much better with our new piano. They seem to have a greater respect for playing now.


Grace and Steve Spinner

St. Louis, MO (Baldwin)



It has added so much to our sanctuary, and most of all to our worship. Even people who may have been skeptical at first have told us how much they truly enjoy this addition to our music ministry.


Chapel of the Cross Lutheran

St. Louis, MO (Baldwin)



It's a beautiful instrument. We're so happy to have our children playing on such a quality instrument.


Scott and Cindy Miller

St. Louis, MO (Baldwin)



The value vs. tone/touch/beauty ratio is phenomenal. I love it. Many of my colleagues at Washington University have been very impressed upon playing it, and the piano technician was likewise impressed with the instrument’s construction and parts. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to purchase such a fine piano.


Jared Hartt

St. Louis, MO (Henry F. Miller)



We enjoy the high quality sound and the beauty of its exterior.


Enrico Stazzone

Chesterfield, MO (Baldwin)



Best thing we ever bought, we love it!


Paul and Tammy Grace

Arnold, MO (HFM)


Fabulous! Everyone, especially Richard Rogers, was very helpful – made me feel extremely valued as a customer. The M1 Baldwin I purchased is an outstanding instrument – I am very pleased.


Michael and Jean Dayton

Waterloo, IL (Baldwin)



It has been a wonderful way to bring our family together.


Pam Turner

Wentzville, MO (HFM)


We love our piano. It has made playing and practicing so much better. Thank you for your excellent sales team, delivery, and service!


John and Gayla Angel

Wentzville, MO (HFM)


I’m thrilled with it. I love the tone and touch. It fits perfectly in my living room and looks beautiful. Thank you for all your help!


Elizabeth McGlasson

Belleville, IL (Hamilton)


It’s a substantial step up for me. Knowing that I can trade up someday makes my Henry F. Miller the perfect instrument for me at this time.


Julie Hunter

St. Charles, MO (HFM)


For the price, I don’t think I could ask for a better piano. Being a student limits my budget and I am grateful that there are such good quality baby grand pianos in affordable price ranges.

Leonid Shmuylovich

St. Louis, MO (HFM)


It’s beautiful, it’s a great investment, and wonderful to share music with my friends and family.

Opal Beul
O’Fallon, MO (HFM)

It sounds, and looks great – Tone is excellent – fills the room, very balanced – very happy with our choice. Thanks.

Ron and Cindy Steiner
Chesterfield, MO (HFM)

We have enjoyed our new piano. Your staff made our first piano purchasing experience very easy.

Michael Rivera
Breese, IL (HFM)

The piano has a great sound, craftsmanship is excellent.

Terry Malner
Edwardsville, IL (HFM)

Plays beautifully and for the value, its unbelievable. We are thrilled to be purchasing a grand piano to enjoy for years to come.

Jane Faraci
Ballwin, MO (HFM)

I’ve enjoyed myself more than I ever imagined and play more frequently.

Janet Buck
Collinsville, IL (HFM)

We absolutely love it – It has changed the atmosphere of our home.

Audrey and Glen Woita
University City, MO (HFM)

Our salesperson went above and beyond.

Dan and Lorra Goodman
Dittmer, MO (HFM)

The piano is wonderful. I chose the Henry F. Miller because I am learning to play. I wanted to make an investment in my learning, but not to the extent of the Baldwin or Steinway. I plan to upgrade in the future.

Brandi Lueken
Chesterfield, MO (HFM)

We are enjoying it very much. It is the perfect piano for 2 beginning students – mother and daughter.

Steven and Michelle Scheipeter
Webster Groves, MO (Hamilton)

It sounds great as well as having a beautiful cabinet. I so much enjoy playing this piano.

Jean Smith
Florissant, MO (HFM)

I'm enjoying it quite alot and would recommend Essex to all Steinway "wanna-be's", such as myself.

Rhonda Murphy 
Kirkwood, MO (Essex)

I was really surprised by the quality and sound of the Essex. We are VERY pleased and happy with the piano. The touch, tone, and quality are wonderful. The dealer was excellent! He was patient and helped me with this dream of a quality piano for our church. Many thanks!!!

Wes Kassulke
Trinity Lutheran Church

I honestly cannot walk past it without stopping to play. It calls to me. My playing ability has improved remarkably too! And it looks so good in my formal great room! I love it!

Becky and Dave Beerbower
Wildwood, MO (Boston)

We love our piano! We made the right decision in purchasing our piano from your company, listen to the expert advice from your sales team, and put our trust in the great products that you sell. Thank you very much. We are so happy with our results.

Jerome and Camille Alexander
Creve Coeur, MO (Hamilton) 

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