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Saint Louis • Central Illinois

vertical Piano Rental program

with purchase option 

For beginning students - adults and children alike - the better the sound and touch of their first piano, the more initial success they will enjoy. A high quality piano will inspire the novice, provide reinforcement of technique, and produce faster progress - all of which will motivate the student to practice more and pursure piano as a lifelong activity.

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Steinway has developed a special student rent-to-own program for St. Louis area piano students that allows the first time player to enjoy the benefits of learning to play on a Steinway Essex series piano. Rent a new Steinway-designed Essex vertical piano of your choice for 12 months (no more and no less). The cost is $99 per month plus delivery costs. At the end of the rental period you may purchase the piano or return it with no further obligation.

If you decide to purchase the piano at the end of the rental period, 100% of your rental payments will be applied toward purchase.


Some credit requirements apply. Limited delivery area/steps. The rental program is only available in the St. Louis metro area. See store for details.

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* Subject to credit approval. Not including delivery charges and applicable taxes. Price quote is for Essex 108C upright; other model prices will vary. Twelve-month limited time rental offer.
** Pricing and availability may vary and is not guaranteed.

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